United star is banned from basketball

Yeah, you heard it right…

What would you want your best (or at least most expensive player) doing? Relaxing? Chilling? Swimming…we’ve heard that’s good exercise.

Apparently Basketball shouldn’t be on the above list of preferred things for Pogba to be doing in his race back to full fitness.

It’s no surprise that United have banned the Frenchman from playing basketball while he’s in the states getting treated for his injured hamstring.

Additionally, it’s been reported that the medical staff are quite rightly, very worried that his love of playing the sport will delay his restoration of fitness and as such, no date for Pogba’s return has been set.

I think we can all agree that the only thought we’re thinking at the moment is ‘What is he thinking!?’.

The worries of the medical staff are mainly based on the fact that basketball is such a highly intense sport and as a result puts a lot of strain and stress on a players ankles and more importantly, the hamstrings.

Manchester United fans will be hoping that Pogba gives up his pipe dream of being the next Lebron and sticks to football and silly haircuts…

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