Things could change for the Premier League

A meeting takes place on Wednesday which could alter the path of Premier League history.

On the agenda is the way money collected from international TV rights is distributed.

The current Premier League deal for overseas rights brings in £3 billion over the course of a three-year contract, equating to £39m per club each season.


As such, the clubs are putting pressure on executive chairman of the Premier League, Richard Scudamore.

Scudamore has responded with a proposal to end the equal sharing among Premier League clubs which has been in place since the league was formed 25 years ago.

Under the proposal, 35% of the Premier League’s revenue would be divided according to league position.

A two-thirds majority is needed to approve the change but, understandably, the idea has not been well received.

There are concerns that no agreement would see the top clubs push for a breakaway league, possibly a European super league of sorts, or playing games abroad.

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