Texts were out, confirmations were slim on the ground and Dazzla was rattled, which resulted in him sending the same text 2-3 times on the teams what’s app to find out who was playing. After quite a few not available for various reasons, the standard Sunday drop out, a few injuries and two early retirements we knew the squad was not at full strength. Dazzla had to think about what was available and do best with what he had. The end result was as follows.

SUB – JUNIOR (due to his late arrival)

I think it was fair to say from previous encounters PSV knew Ifield had the ability to demolish the side put in front of them especially when Spierzzy and Luke turned out still smashed from the night before. But in typical fashion spierzzy had his pre-game shower and then was ready for the battle he was going to be having to last 90mins. The warm up commenced after a cheeky team picture courtesy of the lovely Aimee of belting balls everywhere.

Ifield on the other hand must have had a good well organised 30 minute warm up showing they were a force to be reckoned with.

KICK OFF TIME – after a failed coin toss on 2 occasion’s spierzzy won the toss (standard) and chooses ends. And ifield take the kick. The first half was underway and it was clear from the off despite the team PSV had everyone had fight and character and wanted to play. After 10 minutes ifields forward had enough and wanted out, on came the sub with an addition piece of head gear, the bobble hat, as good as it looked it was soon off and the new forward was keen to show why he should have started but dragged wide within a minute of coming on. The half was pretty levels with both sides defending well. PSV broke the deadlock with debutant Lagin the thug reicker finished from close range. All this did for PSV is spare them on and they knew the game was there for the winning. After a defensive master class from the PSV back line the Ifield striker managed to wangle his way through, rounding birch then seeing his effort cleared of the line by Archy, in his celebration he random ran round the goal hahha. But highlight of the half has to be when spierzzy was by the slideline with a 1.5l bottle of bottle, when out of nowhere Ifield were braking through, but rather then ditching the water in his drunken state, we ran and made a tackle bottle in hand before casually walking back to the slide line to apply the lid and place the bottle on the floor. It was fair to say the ref wasn’t impressed but the fans loved it.


Second half it was clear that Ifield were going to push onto us and we would need to soak the pressure and play football when we can get on the ball. But it was from a cheap freekick the equaliser came for the home side. The high line dropped to early playing the home sides advancing players onside which after 2 players throwing themselves at the ball in nestled into the side netting. This didn’t discourage the visitors tho, if anything it pushed them harder to get the 3 points. Dazzla had a mare and bottled an open net with his lefty from a tight angle, we had 2/3 blocked within the 6 yard box but The winner came 7 minutes from time when Brooker was in down the left gassed it past ifields rights back and struck at the goal keeper, only for the ball to fall back to him, and second time of asking he buried the ball with the help of the post. 2-1 PSV game set and match!!

Birch – did a great job between the sticks, few hiccups along the way but stayed resolute and made sure he did what he could to give us the best fighting chance
Millsy – the little bulldog put in an absolute shift, worked the whole back line, progressed up the field well, but needs to work on his shotting for sure haha
Wenno – UNIT was strong in every tackle and didn’t put a step wrong today, pressure to play alongside. Won everything.
Spierzzy – turned up worse for wear, played very well out of position and was always smiling
Archy – started his first game this season, needs to work on his heading and first touch. But the confidence was there and he didn’t look out of place in the squad. Well done mate
Edmonds – the boy runs and runs, loves getting put in the air but keeps skinning defenders for fun. Drives well down the left and gets in the ball in the box well
Luke – with a busted nose and few chunders later, luke was quality today, maybe the best hes ever played
Gulliver – lucky to escape without a yellow today, through himself around well, wanted to be involved in every move, strong in a tackle and used his body well
Lagin – did everything he needed to today whether that be defend, run at his man, or creating himself as an option. Showed real leadership, needs to work on not lashing out. Good to have you back mate
Dazzla – the big man D, was excellent. Battled hard up there winning most of his aerial battles and even managed a few naughty flicks with his feet. Need to use your left foot.
Brooker – hasn’t been himself for a while, lack of game time has shown but today started to show he’s well on his way getting back to his best. Lots of running, moved the ball round well, started challenging the 50/50’s and even got a well deserved goal.
Junior – game changer, always comes on then we score. Was unlucky not to bag one himself but worked hard when he was on. Needs to watch the offsides.

Goals from:
Lagin Riecker

Ben Brooker

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