Neymar furious about ‘inhuman conditions’ in Bolivia

Brazil were held to a 0-0 draw against Bolivia on Thursday, leaving the worlds most expensive play to feel furious about the difficult conditions caused by La Paz’s altitude.

It has been report that Neymar slammed the difficult conditions in Bolivia and labelled them as “inhuman” after the Brazil squad needed oxygen following their 0-0 World Cup qualifying draw in La Paz on Thursday.

Although several players were rather dismayed, the result didn’t actually matte for Brazil due to the fact that they have already secured their position as group winners.

Regardless of the oxygen drama, Bolivia goalkeeper Carlos Lampe stole the show by stopping every single shot that the young Brazilian could muster. He also managed to keep the likes of Gabriel Jesus, Willian and Dani Alves at bay as well.

Check out the highlights below:

Conditions in La Paz are notoriously difficult for most foreign players due to the altitude, with its estimated elevation of 3,650 metres above sea level making it the highest capital city in the world.

As a result of the altitude, many Brazil players had to take on oxygen after the match and Neymar was particularly vocal about such a situation.

Neymar posted on Instagram: “Inhuman to play in such conditions, field, altitude, ball… Everything [was] bad.

“But we were happy for the performance of the team even with these conditions.”

Do you think Neymar had a right to be annoyed, or should he just man up? – Tell us in the comment section below…


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